Build On Your Lot

Keystone Communities can assist you in building your next home on your land.  We can assist with every step of the process from locating a plan to completing the home.  Below is some of the ways we can help:

  • Selecting the right place to locate the home on the property as well as the best foundation choice.
  • Choosing a floor plan and completing any modifications to the design that you desire to make it fit your needs.
  • Refer you to excellent local construction lenders and mortgage lenders to handle construction financing and a permanent mortgage.
  • Complete a construction budget.
  • Handle the building permit, building inspections and all aspects of construction all the way to securing a Certificate of Occupancy.

Why use Keystone Communities to assist you in building your next home?

  • Take advantage of our skilled sub contractor base to get the best work possible.
  • We’ll design your home as efficiently as possible to get you the most home for your money.
  • Our buying power as a larger builder will save you money on materials.
  • The combined experience of our three owners will provide you with the best recommendations, supervision and knowledge in our market.

Not sure you want to go through all the hassle of the loans and take the risk of price increases?

In some cases Keystone Communities can handle your new home in a manner consistent with our neighborhoods.  We can provide you with a fixed price contract to build you home and get the loan ourselves to build it.  Contact us to discuss this option in more detail.